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At 9asr.com (Palace), we bring accuracy, credibility, comprehensiveness and expertise together to everything we share with you!

Do you need an extensive and authentic palace of information? Are you an avid reader who needs a comprehensive platform that is full of articles and studies on different topics and subjects? Well, you are actually in the right place at the right time. Palace is your swifter and denser Arab platform that shares the power of information with Arab passionate readers.



Your credible and responsible source of information

Palace is proudly your all-in-one platform of arts, science, technology and others. It is with unmatched accuracy and credibility that we bring it all together, because the reader’s trust and satisfaction are at the top of our priorities.

Palace is a completely independent platform that puts at your disposal a plethora of authentically crafted articles that are far from any sort of duplication or blind imitation. It is also your gate towards a myriad of arts, science and technology studies that we put at your fingertips right from their original sources.



A team of professionals and experts

Palace prides itself on being managed by a group of dedicated, diligent and passionate experts. They are constantly in pursuits to do whatever it takes to responsibly provide you with the most accurate and credible information. It is with great care and unparalleled passion that Palace team of experts works to always surpass the Arab reader’s expectations and needs. We do that by simply striving to offer extremely reliable and easily accessible information to our loyal and potential readers.

Palace believes in exactness, focuses on quality and highly appreciates its readers, that why its team is comprised of specialists who are cautious, introspective and knowledgeable to the fullest extent.



Diverse topics aired at several halls

As a comprehensive platform, Palace is proudly distinguished by the diversity of its departments and the various topics available in every single department. We are constantly and consistently working to bring Arab readers and researchers closer to the content than ever before. It is thanks to our reliable and diverse articles and topics that we succeeded in making Palace one of the Arab world’s biggest and most influential information platforms.

In each department, there are sections with different headings that you can rely on to search on our platform and get what you are looking for at the blink of an eye. Here you will find what will quench your thirst for information and knowledge; no matter what topic you are interested, be it tourism, science, arts, sports, technology, medicine or children…



Palace is a constantly updated platform

Palace is your Arab platform that is rapidly evolving and continuously updated. Palace is a responsive and user-friendly interface and design that works perfectly on both desktop and mobile devices. We are always happy to rely on the most advanced technologies to help readers get the most out of all types of articles and studies without leaving the comfort of their sofa.

So what are you waiting for? You are literally only a few clicks away from having access to an extensive range of articles and studies on various topics. Palace is more than a simple platform; Palace empowers you by sharing the power of information.

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